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Real Lightsaber Theory

Real Lightsaber Theory

Would it be possible to make a real life lightsaber? Calculations and other thoughts inside.

Autoloading Chained Classes in PHP

So I’ve adopted a new development style for WordPress plugins and thought I’d share the method I’m using to dynamically load classes. First of all this is the syntax I was using: I personally feel like this is super clean, easy to read, and extremely flexible when calling various different classes and methods. Here’s what […]

The Events Calendar + ACF: Select2 Conflict

I just noticed this issue today and thought I’d share a fix for it. Both Advanced Custom Fields and Modern Tribe’s The Events Calendar are enqueuing (globally) a version of Select2. Since they are not the same version, this will break some UI for ACF. If either of them are justified in loading select2 on […]