First Post

Ah! the infamous first post of a blog! It usually consists of me promising to say more when I have time and then end up never posting another article ever again. Well, I hope that is not the case this time. Instead, I think I’ll make a list of things I need to resolve with my WP Theme I’ve been working on, and cross them off as I figure them out. This list will probably grow as I find more things wrong with it, but hopefully items will eventually get crossed off. Ok, here we go:

  • Ok, I think for the most part, I got everything working the way I want. I even found an excellent code highlighter. I think i’m going to stop messing with my theme and plugins and focus on blog entries.
  • When using the [code] tag, how do I only get 1 line on line breaks. In WP, if I use SHIFT + ENTER, i get a [br] and a new line, so inside [code] tags, I get 2 lines. Plus, I really don’t want a [br] tag in the middle of some code that doesn’t need a [br] tag.
  • Ok, a TEMPORARY solution to this whole [br] tag crap has been found. In my stylesheet, I added:
    code br {
  • However, now, I’ve found another issue with code editing. This one is with editor. It takes my spaces out of my code. So i can’t indent it properly. It’s one thing after another! I’ll figure it out though!
  • Output articles and categories correctly on the right column. This can be resolved by simply setting up [li] styles rather than the current ones. WP automatically puts [li]’s in there. I don’t think I can change that.
  • On the single article page, there must be a tag not closing or something because my right column (or sidebar) doesn’t show up, and everything’s a bit messed up at the bottom.

Ok, so I think that about does it for now. I hope to get all these done so I can write thoughts, tutorials and just outright crazy stuff to this thing.

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