Longest Spades Game Ever!

The past few months or so, I’ve been playing Spades online at MSN Games Zone. I like it SO much better than Yahoo. Well, they’ve got this version called Whiz. Basically the rules are same as normal Spades, however when you bid, you must bid either the number of Spades in your hand or Nil. I really enjoy this game, almost a little too much. So tonight I got in a room with 3 others and little did we know what was sort of game we had gotten ourselves into. I can’t remember the stats exactly, but it was a 2050 rated player paired with a 1600 rated player, vs. 2200 and 1480. This game went 50 rounds of rediculous back and forth setting and missed nils. It took so long the other 3 players dropped out before it ended. I pasted the scores here.

[Event "MSN Games - Whiz2 Spades"]
[Site "games.msn.com"]
[Date "2009.12.2"]
[Board "1"]
[South "sole_pixel"]
[West "Computer2"]
[North "Computer3"]
[East "Computer4"]
[EndScore "500"]
[MaxRounds "50"]
[AllowBlindNil "false"]
[Dealer "W"]
[Deal "N:AT.KJ962.T4.J863 K98762.85.Q9.QT2 54.Q74.KJ872.A54 QJ3.AT3.A653.K97"]
[Auction "N"]
2S 6S 2S 3S
[Play "N"]
1. D4 D9 DJ DA
2. HA H9 H5 H4
3. H3 HK H8 H7
4. DT DQ DK D3
5. HQ HT H6 S2
6. C2 C4 CK C8
7. C9 CJ CQ CA
8. C5 C7 C3 CT
9. S6 S4 SJ SA
10. C6 S7 D2 D5
11. SK S5 S3 ST
12. S9 D8 SQ H2
13. D6 HJ S8 D7
[Dealer "N"]
[Deal "E:K9842.KT76.Q4.A7 3.94.AKJT762.Q52 5.Q8532.93.KJ963 AQJT76.AJ.85.T84"]
[Auction "E"]
[Play "E"]
1. CA CQ CK C8
2. DQ DJ D9 D5
3. HK H9 HQ HA
4. D8 D4 D7 D3
5. C4 C7 C5 C6
6. HT H4 H8 HJ
7. CT S2 C2 CJ
8. SK S3 S5 SA
9. SQ S4 DA C9
10. SJ S8 DK H5
11. ST S9 DT C3
12. S7 H7 D6 H3
13. S6 H6 D2 H2
[Dealer "E"]
[Deal "S:JT.764.KJT.97432 K98.KJT982.87.K5 7654.A.Q9642.J86 AQ32.Q53.A53.AQT"]
[Auction "S"]
2S 3S 4S 4S
[Play "S"]
1. H6 HT HA H3
2. C8 CA C2 C5
3. CT C3 CK C6
4. D7 D6 DA DT
5. CQ C4 D8 CJ
6. HQ H7 H2 S4
7. D2 D3 DK S8
8. H8 S5 H5 H4
9. D4 D5 DJ S9
10. H9 S6 SQ C7
11. S2 SJ SK S7
13. S3 C9 HJ D9
[Dealer "S"]
[Deal "W:AQJT7.KQ3.KT92.7 K85.T.Q874.KJ643 943.AJ64.A65.T85 62.98752.J3.AQ92"]
[Auction "W"]
5S 3S 3S NIL
[Play "W"]
1. C7 C6 C5 C2
2. H3 HT HJ H9
3. C8 C9 S7 C3
4. HQ D4 H6 H8
5. HK D7 H4 H7
7. D5 D3 DK D8
8. SA S5 S9 S6
9. ST SK S4 S2
11. SQ S8 S3 CA
12. D2 C4 D6 H5
13. HA H2 D9 CJ
[Dealer "W"]
[Deal "N:A754.543.Q43.965 Q8.AKT98.A8.KQ82 K9.J72.T52.AJT73 JT632.Q6.KJ976.4"]
[Auction "N"]
4S 2S 2S 5S
[Play "N"]
1. H3 HA H2 H6
2. HK H7 HQ H4
3. H8 HJ S2 H5
4. C4 C6 CK CA
6. CQ C3 D6 C9
7. D8 D5 DK D4
8. D9 D3 S8 D2
9. HT CJ S3 S4
10. SA SQ S9 S6
11. S5 C2 SK ST
12. C7 SJ C5 C8
13. D7 S7 H9 CT
[Dealer "N"]
[Deal "E:763.832.A9872.76 KT94.Q754.4.AT85 A5.AKJ6.KQT53.J3 QJ82.T9.J6.KQ942"]
[Auction "E"]
NIL 4S 2S 4S
[Play "E"]
1. C6 CA C3 C4
2. D4 DQ D6 D9
3. HA H9 H8 H7
4. CJ CQ C7 C8
5. HT H3 HQ HJ
6. H5 H6 DJ H2
8. S8 S7 SK SA
9. DK SQ D8 ST
10. S2 S3 S4 S5
11. D5 C9 D2 S9
12. C5 HK CK D7
13. C2 S6 H4 D3
[Dealer "E"]
[Deal "S:Q64.76.T8.A98762 98.KJ9543.J54.43 AKJ72.AT82.AKQ9. T53.Q.7632.KQJT5"]
[Auction "S"]
3S NIL 5S 3S
[Play "S"]
1. H7 H5 HA HQ
2. DK D2 DT DJ
3. DQ D3 D8 D5
4. D9 D6 C9 D4
5. DA D7 C8 HK
6. H2 S3 H6 HJ
7. CK CA C4 SJ
8. H8 C5 C7 H4
9. HT S5 S6 H9
10. C2 C3 SK CT
11. S7 ST S4 S9
12. CQ C6 H3 SA
13. S2 CJ SQ S8
[Dealer "S"]
[Deal "W:962.J6.KT984.K85 T87.752.A32.Q764 J53.AKQT94.6.JT3 AKQ4.83.QJ75.A92"]
[Auction "W"]
3S 3S 3S 4S
[Play "W"]
1. H6 H7 HA H3
2. HK H8 HJ H5
3. D6 D7 DT DA
4. H2 HQ S4 S6
5. C5 C7 CJ CA
6. SA S2 S7 S3
7. DJ DK D2 C3
8. CK C6 CT C2
9. D4 D3 S5 D5
10. HT SQ D8 C4
11. SK S9 S8 SJ
12. DQ D9 CQ H4
13. C9 C8 ST H9
[Dealer "W"]
[Deal "N:Q86.J83.K732.QJ6 AT7.AK42.JT95.T4 9432.T976.A6.K53 KJ5.Q5.Q84.A9872"]
[Auction "N"]
3S 3S 4S 3S
[Play "N"]
1. D7 D9 DA D4
2. D6 D8 DK D5
3. D2 DJ S2 DQ
4. C5 CA C6 C4
5. C2 CJ CT C3
6. D3 DT S3 S5
7. H5 HJ HA H6
8. HK H7 HQ H3
9. H2 H9 SJ H8
10. C7 CQ S7 CK
11. H4 HT SK SQ
12. C8 S8 SA S9
13. ST S4 C9 S6
[Dealer "N"]
[Deal "E:KQJ92.QT2.KQ3.64 A87.94.9862.JT97 43.AKJ86.75.K852 T65.753.AJT4.AQ3"]
[Auction "E"]
5S 3S NIL 3S
[Play "E"]
1. DK D9 D7 DA
2. H7 HQ H9 HJ
3. DQ D8 D5 DJ
4. HT H4 H8 H5
5. D3 D2 HA D4
6. H3 H2 CJ H6
7. C5 CQ C4 C7
8. DT S2 D6 HK
9. SK SA S4 S5
10. S7 S3 ST SQ
11. C6 CT C8 C3
12. C9 C2 CA S9
13. SJ S8 CK S6
[Dealer "E"]
[Deal "S:KT642.942.QJ52.A AQ973.Q.A843.985 J8.KT76.K96.KJ74 5.AJ853.T7.QT632"]
[Auction "S"]
5S 5S 2S 1S
[Play "S"]
1. H9 HQ HK HA
2. D7 DJ DA D9
3. D3 DK DT D2
4. D6 S5 D5 D4
5. C2 CA C5 C7
6. DQ D8 H7 H3
7. H4 S7 H6 H5
8. SA S8 C3 S2
9. C9 CK C6 H2
10. CJ CQ S4 C8
11. S6 S9 SJ H8
13. S3 C4 CT SK
[Dealer "S"]
[Deal "W:Q864..Q432.87543 KJ75.QT43.86.QJ6 T3.J762.KJ7.KT92 A92.AK985.AT95.A"]
[Auction "W"]
4S 4S 2S 3S
[Play "W"]
1. D2 D6 DK DA
2. CA C3 C6 C2
3. HK S4 H4 H2
4. D4 D8 DJ D5
5. CK S2 C4 CJ
6. DT DQ S5 D7
7. CQ C9 H5 C5
8. HQ H6 H8 S6
9. D3 S7 ST D9
10. HJ HA SQ H3
11. C7 SJ CT H9
12. HT H7 S9 C8
13. SA S8 SK S3
[Dealer "W"]
[Deal "N:53.A7.AKJ72.KJ74 AQ762.KQT64.3.86 KT8.J82.Q64.AT93 J94.953.T985.Q52"]
[Auction "N"]
2S 5S 3S NIL
[Play "N"]
1. HA H4 H8 H9
2. H7 HK HJ H5
3. HQ H2 H3 S5
4. S3 SA ST SJ
6. H6 D6 DT CJ
7. C8 CT C5 CK
8. C4 C6 C3 C2
9. SQ SK S9 DK
10. D4 D5 D2 D3
11. S4 D7 S7 S8
12. CA D9 C7 S6
13. S2 C9 D8 DA
[Dealer "N"]
[Deal "E:AQ954.AK5.K96.97 J8732.62.J52.KJ3 6.QJT94.A4.Q6542 KT.873.QT873.AT8"]
[Auction "E"]
5S 5S 1S 2S
[Play "E"]
1. HA H2 H4 H8
2. HK H6 H9 H3
3. H5 S2 HT H7
4. DJ DA D7 D6
5. D4 D8 DK D2
6. D9 D5 S6 D3
7. C2 CA C7 C3
8. DQ S4 S7 C4
9. CK C5 C8 C9
10. CJ CQ CT S5
11. S9 S3 C6 ST
13. SA S8 HQ SK
[Dealer "E"]
[Deal "S:KQ9653..J854.Q43 AJT.AQJ7632..A98 2.KT94.KQ976.KJT 874.85.AT32.7652"]
[Auction "S"]
6S 3S 1S NIL
[Play "S"]
1. C4 CA CJ C7
2. HA H9 H8 SK
3. C3 C8 CT C6
4. CK C5 CQ C9
5. HT H5 SQ H2
6. D5 ST D9 DA
7. HJ H4 DT S9
8. D4 SJ D7 D3
9. H7 HK C2 S6
10. S5 SA S2 S8
11. H6 DK D2 S3
12. DJ H3 DQ S7
13. S4 D8 HQ D6
[Dealer "S"]
[Deal "W:A7642.Q7.954.JT3 Q5.KJ96432.Q2.Q6 J983.A8.AKJ8.K82 KT.T5.T763.A9754"]
[Auction "W"]
5S 2S 4S 2S
[Play "W"]
1. H7 HK HA H5
2. H8 HT HQ H9
3. C3 CQ CK CA
4. C9 CT C6 C2
5. CJ S5 C8 C4
6. D2 DA D3 D4
7. DK D6 D5 DQ
8. S9 ST S2 SQ
9. H2 S3 SK SA
10. S6 H6 SJ C5
11. DJ D7 D9 H3
12. D8 DT S7 H4
13. S4 HJ S8 C7
[Dealer "W"]
[Deal "N:9652.AT8753.K3.2 AKJT843.K4.84.97 .J2.AJT9652.AKQJ Q7.Q96.Q7.T86543"]
[Auction "N"]
[Play "N"]
1. HA H4 HJ HQ
2. HT HK H2 H9
3. C9 CA CT C2
4. D5 D7 DK D4
5. D3 D8 D9 DQ
6. C3 S2 C7 CK
7. H8 S8 CQ H6
8. SA CJ SQ S5
9. SK DJ S7 S6
10. SJ DT C8 S9
11. ST D6 C6 H7
12. S4 DA C5 H5
13. S3 D2 C4 H3
[Dealer "N"]
[Deal "E:Q53.AK42.JT975.8 J72.T.K62.KJ7543 K9864.J53.AQ4.AQ AT.Q9876.83.T962"]
[Auction "E"]
3S NIL 5S 2S
[Play "E"]
1. HA HT H5 H6
2. C8 C7 CA C2
3. DA D3 D9 DK
4. DQ D8 D7 D6
5. D4 ST D5 D2
6. SA S5 SJ S4
7. HQ HK CK H3
8. H2 CJ HJ H7
9. CQ C9 DJ C5
10. SK C6 SQ S7
11. S6 H9 S3 S2
12. S8 H8 DT C4
13. S9 CT H4 C3
[Dealer "E"]
[Deal "S:T65.KQ92.Q3.AK76 J983.J654.A9.Q95 AKQ742.83.75.T84 .AT7.KJT8642.J32"]
[Auction "S"]
3S 4S 6S NIL
[Play "S"]
1. C7 C9 CT C3
2. C4 C2 CA C5
3. C6 CQ C8 CJ
4. DA D5 DK D3
5. HJ H8 HT HK
6. H2 H6 H3 HA
7. D2 DQ D9 D7
8. CK S9 SQ DJ
9. SA H7 S5 S3
10. SK DT S6 S8
11. S2 D8 ST SJ
12. H5 S4 D6 H9
13. S7 D4 HQ H4
[Dealer "S"]
[Deal "W:82.KJ7.T8.KQT985 AQ7.AT643.A65.A2 KT43.95.Q974.764 J965.Q82.KJ32.J3"]
[Auction "W"]
NIL 3S 4S 4S
[Play "W"]
1. D8 DA D4 DJ
2. CA C4 CJ CK
3. C2 C6 C3 C5
4. DQ DK DT D6
5. D3 HK D5 D7
6. D9 D2 CQ S7
7. H3 H9 H8 H7
8. SK S5 S8 SA
9. H4 H5 H2 HJ
10. C8 SQ C7 HQ
11. HA S3 S6 C9
12. SJ S2 HT S4
13. S9 CT H6 ST
[Dealer "W"]
[Deal "N:7652.T3.9873.QT6 JT4.K75.65.KJ982 Q3.AJ96.AQJT4.A3 AK98.Q842.K2.754"]
[Auction "N"]
NIL 3S 2S 4S
[Play "N"]
1. HT H5 HJ HQ
2. H4 H3 HK H6
3. D5 DA D2 D9
4. DQ DK D8 D6
5. H2 CQ H7 HA
6. H9 H8 CT SJ
7. C2 CA C7 C6
8. DJ S9 D7 C9
9. C4 D3 CK C3
10. ST S3 S8 S7
11. S4 SQ SK S6
12. SA S5 CJ D4
13. C5 S2 C8 DT
[Dealer "N"]
[Deal "E:64.J854.KJ4.KQ85 AJ98.K2.T93.T762 KQT7.QT7.AQ76.A4 532.A963.852.J93"]
[Auction "E"]
2S 4S 4S NIL
[Play "E"]
1. H4 HK HT H9
2. CT CA CJ C8
3. HQ H6 HJ H2
4. H7 H3 H8 D3
5. H5 S8 ST HA
6. C4 C3 CK C2
7. C5 C6 D6 C9
8. D5 DK D9 D7
9. CQ C7 DQ D8
10. D4 DT DA D2
11. SK S2 S6 SJ
12. SQ S5 S4 S9
13. S7 S3 DJ SA
[Dealer "E"]
[Deal "S:QJT9.KQ9.T87543. 872.743.AK6.Q542 AK543.85.J.KJT83 6.AJT62.Q92.A976"]
[Auction "S"]
4S 3S 5S 1S
[Play "S"]
1. H9 H3 H5 HT
2. CA S9 C2 C8
3. DT DK DJ D2
4. DA S3 D9 D8
5. CK C6 D7 C4
6. SA S6 ST S2
7. SK H2 SJ S7
8. CJ C7 SQ C5
9. HK H4 H8 HA
10. DQ D4 D6 S4
11. S5 H6 D5 S8
12. CQ C3 C9 HQ
13. H7 CT HJ D3
[Dealer "S"]
[Deal "W:T97.JT.QJT94.974 AJ652.86.3.QT832 83.AKQ53.A87.KJ6 KQ4.9742.K652.A5"]
[Auction "W"]
NIL 5S 2S 3S
[Play "W"]
1. C4 C3 C6 CA
2. C5 C7 C2 CJ
3. CK SK C9 C8
4. D6 D4 D3 D7
5. DA D5 DQ S6
6. H6 HA H9 HJ
7. HK H7 HT H8
8. HQ H4 DJ S5
9. CQ H3 H2 DT
10. CT H5 DK D9
11. SJ S3 SQ ST
12. D2 S9 S2 D8
13. S7 SA S8 S4
[Dealer "W"]
[Deal "N:K5.QT.K652.T7643 AJ943.A762.QT4.5 Q8762.J5.A9.AQJ9 T.K9843.J873.K82"]
[Auction "N"]
2S 5S 5S NIL
[Play "N"]
1. C3 C5 C9 C8
2. H5 H4 HQ H2
3. C4 S3 CJ CK
4. SA S2 ST S5
6. H7 S6 H9 CT
7. D9 D8 DK D4
8. C6 S4 CQ C2
9. DQ DA DJ D6
10. CA H8 C7 H6
11. S7 D7 SK S9
12. D2 DT S8 D3
13. SQ H3 D5 SJ
[Dealer "N"]
[Deal "E:Q83.J32.A98543.T 972.8.KQT72.8765 AKJ64.A765.6.KJ9 T5.KQT94.J.AQ432"]
[Auction "E"]
3S NIL 5S 2S
[Play "E"]
1. CT C8 CK CA
2. DJ DA DK D6
3. D3 D2 S4 C2
4. HA H4 HJ H8
5. CJ CQ SQ C7
6. D4 DQ C9 S5
7. HK H3 DT H5
8. HQ H2 D7 H6
9. HT S8 S7 H7
10. D5 C6 SJ C3
11. SK ST S3 S9
12. SA C4 D9 S2
13. S6 H9 D8 C5
[Dealer "E"]
[Deal "S:74.32.K76.AKQT84 A96.A9654.J2.953 KQJT32.K.AQ943.7 85.QJT87.T85.J62"]
[Auction "S"]
2S 3S 6S 2S
[Play "S"]
1. H3 HA HK H7
2. D2 DQ D5 D6
3. C7 CJ CA C3
4. DK DJ D3 D8
5. H2 H4 S2 H8
6. DA DT D7 S6
7. C5 S3 C2 C4
8. D9 S5 S7 S9
9. SA ST S8 S4
10. H5 SJ HT C8
11. SK C6 CT C9
12. SQ HJ CK H6
13. D4 HQ CQ H9
[Dealer "S"]
[Deal "W:4.8754.A53.KQ982 K2.KJ6.KT76.AJT4 AJT7653.A9.Q8.53 Q98.QT32.J942.76"]
[Auction "W"]
1S 2S 7S 3S
[Play "W"]
1. DA D7 D8 D2
2. D3 DK DQ D4
3. H6 HA H2 H4
4. H9 HT H5 HJ
5. HK S3 H3 H7
6. C3 C6 CQ CA
7. DT S5 D9 D5
8. C5 C7 CK C4
9. H8 D6 S6 HQ
10. SJ SQ S4 S2
11. S8 C2 SK SA
12. ST S9 C8 CT
13. S7 DJ C9 CJ
[Dealer "W"]
[Deal "N:KQ8654.75.982.K6 A.AKQ2.AJT3.J954 J2.JT983.K6.AQ72 T973.64.Q754.T83"]
[Auction "N"]
6S 1S 2S NIL
[Play "N"]
1. CK C4 C7 CT
2. C6 CJ CQ C8
3. H8 H6 H7 H2
4. H3 H4 H5 HA
5. HK H9 DQ SQ
6. D9 DA D6 D7
7. HQ HJ C3 S8
8. D8 DJ DK D5
9. HT D4 D2 D3
10. C2 S3 SK C5
11. S4 SA SJ ST
12. DT S2 S7 S6
13. S9 S5 C9 CA
[Dealer "N"]
[Deal "E:AJ.AJ972.K94.KT2 T7.K43.7532.A653 KQ432.T6.AQJ.987 9865.Q85.T86.QJ4"]
[Auction "E"]
2S 2S 5S 4S
[Play "E"]
1. HA H4 H6 H8
2. H2 HK HT H5
3. D7 DA D6 D4
4. DJ D8 D9 D2
5. DQ DT DK D3
6. CK C6 C7 C4
7. CT CA C8 CJ
8. C5 C9 CQ C2
9. HQ H7 H3 S2
10. S4 S5 SJ ST
11. H9 D5 S3 S6
12. S8 SA S7 SQ
13. HJ C3 SK S9
[Dealer "E"]
[Deal "S:AKJT.KJ52.Q762.K 9.AQT963.AK43.A8 Q8763.7.T95.T974 542.84.J8.QJ6532"]
[Auction "S"]
4S 1S 5S 3S
[Play "S"]
1. H5 HA H7 H4
2. CA C4 C2 CK
3. DA D9 D8 D2
4. DK D5 DJ D6
5. C8 CT CQ ST
6. SA S9 S3 S2
7. HK H3 DT H8
8. DQ D3 C9 S5
9. C3 HJ HQ C7
10. S6 S4 SK D4
11. D7 H6 SQ CJ
12. S7 C6 SJ H9
13. H2 HT S8 C5
[Dealer "S"]
[Deal "W:984.AJT6.KJ.AK82 A72.752.753.JT97 QT6.K3.QT842.Q65 KJ53.Q984.A96.43"]
[Auction "W"]
3S 3S 3S 4S
[Play "W"]
1. CA C7 C5 C4
2. CK C9 C6 C3
3. HA H2 H3 H4
4. DK D7 D2 DA
5. D9 DJ D3 D4
6. C2 CT CQ S3
7. D6 S4 D5 D8
8. C8 CJ S6 SJ
9. HQ H6 H5 HK
10. DQ S5 HT H7
11. SK S8 S2 ST
12. H9 HJ S7 SQ
13. DT H8 S9 SA
[Dealer "W"]
[Deal "N:964.A862.AK7.QJ3 AKQ32.K4.9532.K5 J.T9753.Q6.AT864 T875.QJ.JT84.972"]
[Auction "N"]
3S 5S 1S 4S
[Play "N"]
1. DA D2 D6 D4
2. DK D3 DQ D8
3. D7 D5 SJ DT
4. CA C2 C3 C5
5. CT C7 CJ CK
6. D9 C8 DJ S4
7. S9 S3 HT S5
8. H6 H4 H7 HJ
9. HQ H8 HK H9
10. S2 H5 ST S6
11. S8 CQ SA C6
12. SK C4 S7 HA
13. SQ H3 C9 H2
[Dealer "N"]
[Deal "E:T753.T942.QT8.T9 KJ98.J8763.A93.7 AQ2.AKQ.62.65432 64.5.KJ754.AKQJ8"]
[Auction "E"]
4S 4S 3S 2S
[Play "E"]
1. C9 C7 C2 CJ
2. CA CT D3 C3
3. CK S3 S8 C4
4. DA D2 DJ D8
5. D9 D6 DK DT
6. CQ S5 S9 C5
7. HJ HA H5 H2
8. HK S4 H4 H8
9. C8 HT H7 C6
10. S6 S7 SK SQ
11. H6 HQ D7 H9
12. S2 D5 ST SJ
13. H3 SA D4 DQ
[Dealer "E"]
[Deal "S:42.KQ7632..AJ764 A85.95.T8764.T52 QJ6.AT.AKQ953.83 KT973.J84.J2.KQ9"]
[Auction "S"]
2S 3S 3S 5S
[Play "S"]
1. CA C2 C3 C9
2. C4 C5 C8 CK
3. CQ C7 CT S6
4. DA D2 H2 D4
5. HA H4 H3 H5
6. DK DJ C6 D6
7. DQ S3 S4 D7
8. HK H9 HT HJ
9. S2 S5 SJ ST
10. D3 H8 HQ DT
11. D8 D5 SK CJ
12. S7 H7 S8 SQ
13. D9 S9 H6 SA
[Dealer "S"]
[Deal "W:AJ84.Q973.96.854 653.KJ.QT54.AQ32 K.A8.KJ8732.K976 QT972.T6542.A.JT"]
[Auction "W"]
4S 3S 1S 5S
[Play "W"]
1. D6 DT DJ DA
2. CJ C4 C2 CK
3. D2 S2 D9 D4
4. CT C5 C3 C6
5. HT HQ HJ H8
6. C8 CA C7 H2
7. CQ C9 H4 S4
8. H3 HK HA H6
9. DK S7 S8 D5
10. H9 S3 SK H5
11. D3 SQ SJ DQ
12. ST SA S6 D8
13. H7 S5 D7 S9
[Dealer "W"]
[Deal "N:K76.A754.Q4.AK65 A.J96.A87632.832 T95432.83.J95.Q9 QJ8.KQT2.KT.JT74"]
[Auction "N"]
3S 1S 6S 3S
[Play "N"]
1. CA C2 C9 C4
2. HA H6 H3 H2
3. CK C3 CQ C7
4. C5 C8 S2 CT
5. H8 HK H4 H9
6. HQ H5 HJ S3
7. DJ DT D4 DA
8. D2 D9 DK DQ
9. HT H7 D3 S4
10. D5 S8 SK D6
11. C6 D7 S5 CJ
12. ST SJ S6 SA
13. D8 S9 SQ S7
[Dealer "N"]
[Deal "E:A876.Q952.KQ8.52 Q.T63.T732.AQT93 JT432.J874.J9.K7 K95.AK.A654.J864"]
[Auction "E"]
4S 1S 5S 3S
[Play "E"]
1. C2 CA C7 C4
2. HT HJ HA H2
3. DA D8 D2 D9
4. HK H5 H3 H4
5. D4 DK D3 DJ
6. DQ D7 S2 D5
7. CK C6 C5 C3
8. H7 S5 H9 H6
9. C8 HQ CQ H8
10. SQ SJ S9 S8
11. DT S3 D6 SA
12. S7 CT S4 SK
13. CJ S6 C9 ST
[Dealer "E"]
[Deal "S:2.A93.T763.KQJ52 AQJT7.QJ54.982.3 K96.8762.QJ54.T7 8543.KT.AK.A9864"]
[Auction "S"]
1S 5S 3S 4S
[Play "S"]
1. DT D2 DJ DA
2. DK D3 D8 D4
3. HT HA H4 H2
4. D6 D9 DQ S3
5. HK H3 H5 H6
6. CA C2 C3 C7
7. C4 CJ S7 CT
8. HQ H7 C6 H9
9. HJ H8 C8 S2
10. CK ST SK C9
11. D5 S4 D7 SJ
12. SA S6 S5 C5
13. SQ S9 S8 CQ
[Dealer "S"]
[Deal "W:QJT532.KQ4.K.KJ5 87.JT872.J953.T6 64.93.AT872.A743 AK9.A65.Q64.Q982"]
[Auction "W"]
[Play "W"]
1. HK HJ H9 H5
2. DK DJ DT D4
3. CK CT C7 C2
4. HQ HT H3 H6
5. CJ C6 C4 CQ
6. HA H4 H8 CA
7. DQ S2 D9 DA
8. C5 H7 C3 C9
9. D6 S3 D5 D8
10. SQ S8 S6 S9
11. SJ S7 S4 SK
12. C8 S5 H2 D7
13. ST D3 D2 SA
[Dealer "W"]
[Deal "N:J74.54.98632.J96 63.AKQJ86.74.A84 QT85.973.AKJ.T73 AK92.T2.QT5.KQ52"]
[Auction "N"]
3S 2S 4S 4S
[Play "N"]
1. H4 HA H3 H2
2. CA C3 C2 C6
3. C4 C7 CK C9
4. CQ CJ C8 CT
5. C5 S4 S6 S8
6. DA D5 D2 D4
7. DK DT D3 D7
8. H9 HT H5 H6
9. DQ D6 H8 DJ
10. SA S7 S3 SQ
11. S2 SJ HK ST
12. D8 HQ H7 SK
13. S9 D9 HJ S5
[Dealer "N"]
[Deal "E:Q5.Q9542.Q3.JT85 A2.J863.KJ875.KQ JT86.AT.AT4.9762 K9743.K7.962.A43"]
[Auction "E"]
2S 2S 4S 5S
[Play "E"]
1. D3 D5 DA D2
2. HA H7 H2 H3
3. HT HK H4 H6
4. CA C5 CQ C2
5. C3 C8 CK C6
6. DK D4 D6 DQ
7. HJ S6 S7 H5
8. D9 S5 D7 DT
9. CJ S2 C7 C4
10. H8 S8 S9 H9
11. S3 SQ SA ST
12. DJ C9 S4 HQ
13. SK CT D8 SJ
[Dealer "E"]
[Deal "S:AJ65.A853.KJ.AJ9 T4.QJT4.T43.KQ73 Q983.9762.A86.52 K72.K.Q9752.T864"]
[Auction "S"]
4S 2S 4S 3S
[Play "S"]
1. HA H4 H2 HK
2. CA C3 C2 C4
3. CJ CK C5 C6
4. CQ S3 C8 C9
5. DA D2 DJ D3
6. D6 D7 DK D4
7. H8 HQ H6 D5
8. HJ H7 D9 H5
9. HT H9 CT H3
10. DT D8 DQ S5
11. S6 ST SQ SK
12. S2 SJ S4 S8
13. SA C7 S9 S7
[Dealer "S"]
[Deal "W:J95.854.A6.Q9432 KT8732.QJ32.Q2.8 AQ6.K6.98753.T76 4.AT97.KJT4.AKJ5"]
[Auction "W"]
3S 6S 3S 1S
[Play "W"]
1. DA D2 D3 D4
2. D6 DQ D5 DT
3. C8 CT CA C2
4. CK C3 H2 C6
5. DK S5 S7 D7
6. H3 H6 HA H4
7. C5 CQ S2 C7
8. HJ HK H7 H5
9. D8 DJ S9 ST
10. HQ S6 H9 H8
11. D9 S4 SJ SK
12. S3 SQ CJ C9
13. SA HT C4 S8
[Dealer "W"]
[Deal "N:K.97.KT653.KJ753 A63.KQT852.A9.86 QJ85.AJ6.842.T92 T9742.43.QJ7.AQ4"]
[Auction "N"]
1S 3S 4S 5S
[Play "N"]
1. H7 H8 HA H3
2. HJ H4 H9 HQ
3. DA D2 D7 D3
4. HK H6 C4 SK
5. DK D9 D4 DJ
6. C3 C6 C9 CQ
7. CA C5 C8 C2
8. DQ D5 H2 D8
9. S2 D6 SA S5
10. HT S8 S9 C7
11. S4 DT S6 SJ
12. SQ S7 CJ S3
13. CT ST CK H5
[Dealer "N"]
[Deal "E:AJ632.43.AJ7.842 T87.KQJ.Q98.KT97 K.AT8752.KT432.3 Q954.96.65.AQJ65"]
[Auction "E"]
5S 3S 1S 4S
[Play "E"]
1. DA D8 D2 D5
2. H3 HJ HA H6
3. DK D6 D7 D9
4. C3 CA C2 C7
5. H9 H4 HQ H2
6. HK H5 C5 S2
7. DJ DQ D3 C6
8. CK SK CJ C4
9. H7 S4 S6 S7
10. CT D4 CQ C8
11. S5 SA S8 H8
12. S3 ST HT SQ
13. S9 SJ C9 DT
[Dealer "E"]
[Deal "S:J73.98753.J.AKJ3 A95.QT42.QT975.T T642.J6.A32.Q952 KQ8.AK.K864.8764"]
[Auction "S"]
3S 3S 4S 3S
[Play "S"]
1. DJ D5 DA D4
2. H6 HA H3 H2
3. DK S3 D7 D2
4. CA CT C2 C4
5. CK S5 C5 C6
6. H4 HJ HK H5
7. C7 CJ S9 C9
8. HQ S2 S8 H7
9. C8 C3 D9 CQ
10. D3 D6 S7 DT
11. SJ SA S4 SQ
12. HT S6 SK H9
13. D8 H8 DQ ST
[Dealer "S"]
[Deal "W:QJT86.94.93.JT73 A9753.AK7.JT5.54 .QJT653.K8.KQ986 K42.82.AQ7642.A2"]
[Auction "W"]
5S 5S NIL 3S
[Play "W"]
1. CJ C5 C9 CA
2. C2 CT C4 C8
3. H9 HA HQ H2
4. HK HJ H8 H4
5. H7 H6 S2 D3
6. DA D9 DJ DK
7. DQ S6 DT D8
8. C7 S3 CK D7
9. D5 HT D6 C3
10. D4 S8 S9 H5
11. SA H3 SK ST
12. S5 CQ S4 SQ
13. SJ S7 C6 D2
[Dealer "W"]
[Deal "N:AT2.AQ974.J5.K64 QJ3.K65.K964.AQ9 96.JT32.A83.T732 K8754.8.QT72.J85"]
[Auction "N"]
3S 3S NIL 5S
[Play "N"]
1. HA H6 HJ H8
3. HK HT DT H4
4. CQ C7 C8 C4
5. D4 D8 D7 DJ
6. H7 H5 H3 S4
7. C5 C6 C9 C3
8. S3 S9 S8 SA
9. H9 SJ H2 D2
10. D6 D3 DQ D5
11. SK S2 SQ S6
12. S5 ST DK DA
13. HQ D9 C2 S7
[Dealer "N"]
[Deal "E:T852.KQ74.AJ8.62 QJ3.T82.Q742.QJ9 AK764.93.5.T8543 9.AJ65.KT963.AK7"]
[Auction "E"]
4S 3S 5S 1S
[Play "E"]
1. DA D2 D5 D3
2. C2 C9 CT CK
3. CA C6 CJ C3
4. HA H4 H2 H3
5. DK D8 D4 S4
6. H9 HJ HK H8
7. HQ HT C4 H5
8. H7 S3 S6 H6
9. C5 C7 S2 CQ
10. DJ DQ S7 D6
11. C8 S9 ST SJ
12. D7 SK D9 S5
13. SA DT S8 SQ

After it was nothing but the computers and I, my team ended up losing. Mainly because I stopped really playing to write this post.

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