Companies, Stop with the Twitter Nonsense

This may be just a personal rant of mine, but I’m getting annoyed by it and wanted to send out a message to the companies we love! It started with @Namecheap‘s trivia tweets. The first time they did it, I was somewhat interested and admit, I participated in hopes to get a t-shirt or a […]

Cloning Objects in PHP

While recently trying to add a new feature to my meta box plugin for WordPress, I decided to just rewrite it so that it can accommodate my goals for the plugin. It’s all very interesting timing since I’m trying to be active in the CEUX and Metamorphosis projects on, but that’s a different blog post. […]

WordPress Content Blocks

One of my favorite things in Matt Mullenweg’s State of the Word speech was the discussion on post formats, which led to various ideas on how the editor should even work. After doing a bit of research on, I found this post by Mel Choyce that shows some concepts of Content Blocks in place of the standard editor. […]

SiriusXM Icon for Android

SiriusXM Icon for Android

I thought the XM Radio Online Icon for SiriusXM was kind of ugly, so I created one for myself. I’m posting it here to share with anyone else interested. If you decide to use it, drop a comment letting me know. Thanks! Stylized on Gray Stylized on Black Plain on Gray Plain on Black