IE8/9 Crashing Problem FINALLY Fixed!

I somehow F’d up my installation of IE8 (I couldn’t really tell you how) and now whenever I try to run IE8 or IE8 64bit, the window would pop up and then immediately crash. For about a month I would google this problem on and off trying to maybe find that one website that has […]

HTC Incredible: Errors

Here is my conversation I had with HTC (just to reference): ME: Lately I have been getting a popup-alert message on my HTC Incredible reading: Sorry! The process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. Then there is a button below that reads “Force close”. This is very annoying has me a bit worried. What […]

HTC Incredible Low Disk Space

HTC Incredible Low Disk Space

I have been getting the error “Application data space is low” more and more as of late on my HTC Incredible. It’s beginning to frustrate me because like an unread email, I have a pet peeve to clear any notifications that pop up on my phone. This one won’t go away. Even more so, other […]

Wake Up Song of the Day

It is time for me to stop ignoring this weird phenomenon. I’ve been putting this off for several months now and decided today and I’m going to bite the bullet and begin documenting this. Almost every morning, if not EVERY morning, I have woke up with a song playing in my head. I’ve decided to […]