WordPress Content Blocks

One of my favorite things in Matt Mullenweg’s State of the Word speech was the discussion on post formats, which led to various ideas on how the editor should even work. After doing a bit of research on make.wordpress.org, I found this post by Mel Choyce that shows some concepts of Content Blocks in place of the standard editor. Even though this makes my Custom Meta Box plugin COMPLETELY obsolete, I think this is one of the most innovative things I’ve seen in a CMS. It just makes sense.

I’ve been doing client work most of my career, and this by far is one of the must frustrating parts of having a CMS. Our go-to action was to always to slap a WYSIWYG editor in there and we’re done. Then we spend ages trying to make THAT do what we want. The idea of combining widgets with an editor is genius.

I already have tons of ideas about this and plan on getting involved in this project. This NEEDS to happen. I’m now subscribed to Make-UI and look forward to the future of WordPress.

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