Reading #hash Variables in URI

Most of the time when you have a # (hash) symbol in the URI, the functionality is simply to point to an anchor on the page. This is handled by html and the functionality of your browser. In more advanced situations, this variable can be read by JavaScript to do other things like change content […]

My Experience with NetBeans

My Experience with NetBeans

I recently wrote about my switch to phpDesigner as my IDE. Since the article, I have received several comments/feedback telling me I should try NetBeans. I had already installed it once before and didn’t like it, but I couldn’t remember why. So, I thought I’d try it again, except this time, document my experience! My […]

Extended CodeIgniter Loader Library

I’ve been trying to make contributions wherever I can to CI and one handy thing I’ve been using is an extended CI Loader Library. It adds 2 features: 1. The ability to alias auto-loaded models and libraries. 2. The ability to load a model or library from another CI application on the same server. Here’s […]

Longest Spades Game Ever!

The past few months or so, I’ve been playing Spades online at MSN Games Zone. I like it SO much better than Yahoo. Well, they’ve got this version called Whiz. Basically the rules are same as normal Spades, however when you bid, you must bid either the number of Spades in your hand or Nil. […]