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  1. Al

    You need to change the filename to download from image.php to another extension like image.phps in order for people to download…

    I can’t copy and paste the actual text above because the text because all crumpled up.

  2. Al

    I have made sure already that the image does exist. In my case, the image is on my server, but it will not always be this case. I’d like this to work with all images on any server.


  3. breakdancebaby

    Where, oh where did you get a DG20?

    Great costuem, btw.

  4. hollie

    Fantastic fantastic costume… me and my boyfriend went as Bret and Jemaine. Way to take it to the next level!


  5. cici


    great script, thanks for this!!!

    need a feature, crop image


  6. Framboos

    Great script! Especially the feature to resize remote images.
    Haven’t seen that in the other scripts I’ve looked at (http://www.darrenhoyt.com/2008/04/02/timthumb-php-script-released/, http://shiftingpixel.com/2008/03/03/smart-image-resizer/).

    But those scripts do have file caching, is there anyone who knows how to add that to this script? I’ve tried combining some parts but not succesfully yet, so far…

  7. Bryan

    Great tip, this is exactly what I was looking for! I just wanted to pull one category to the top of the list that fell in the middle in alpha sort and this tip worked perfectly.

    Thanks for posting, I have learned MySQL through a very incremental approach and this is a great addition to my arsenal.


  8. Joe

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for modifying this script. It works perfectly.

  9. Jamie Tibbetts

    Genius. Thanks.

  10. bjarne

    Looks very nice Brian!

    Have not tested it yet, but looks very nice. Just one question: What about at cache for the tumbnails? Is it just to change sometning in the code, make a folder (777) and it would work?

    Why cache you said? Slow remote server…


  11. Garret

    You can actually go straight to the camcorder mode if when originally pressing the camera button to start up the camera you hold it down a little longer. A quick button press goes to camera, a longer hold and release goes to camcorder.

  12. Joe Coolest

    I’m attempting to use this class to bridge the gaps in my OOP PHP knowledge. OOP is quite a challenge for me at the moment.

    For the life of me I can’t figure out how to implement a mysql_data_seek function into your class.

    function seek($index) { return mysql_data_seek( $this->????, $index ); }

    I thought I could easily extend your class with a few features to allow me to seek to first and last result of a query, but I am completely stumped at this point. I’m not giving up and don’t really want the functions handed over, but I’d love a few pointers that might help me fill in the gaps in my knowledge regarding what I would need to pass to mysql_data_seek.

    I look forward to becoming a regular follower of your blog. A few of the posts that I have investigated thus far have been extremely helpful. Thank you.

  13. Mitchell McKenna

    Saw your tweet. Hadn’t heard of phpDesigner 7 before, so it was interesting to hear about it. I’m a huge codeigniter fan, my personal site runs on it. I’ve enjoyed using Aptana, Eclipse, and Netbeans – so I’ll have to check out phpDesigner if you’ve chosen phpDesigner over them!

  14. Latavish

    PHPDesigner is highly recommended. I have been using it for the past couple years and can’t live without it when it comes to programming php.

  15. Glenn

    You have many interesting post. I think i’ll have a good look for your post. Nice to know you 🙂

  16. Clark

    Thanks for the post. I am trying to decide on the maroon verses the slate blue color. I like the look of the slate better and the graphics show up better. I am upgrading to this phone only because of the texting features and think the maroon keyboard is easier to read than the slate blue’s. Yes, blue’s gaming keys’ color is distracting to me also. I’m also thinking the maroon color won’t show scratches as the blue phone would.

  17. Alexander

    Dear Brian, just a question since you are (and I am not, not yet) a CodeIgnitor user. I noticed that there is also an image maniputalor class in CI. Can that not do what your script above does?

    Btw, nice that you also discovered PHPDesigner 🙂

  18. Mike

    FYI, my new phone is on V06 of firmware (I had V2 and the shutting off problem)

  19. kevin

    Try NetBeans for php.

  20. Donnie

    NetBeans? Ack! I haven’t used that since a LONG time ago and thanks to your review, I won’t be wasting my time anytime soon.

    Thanks for the heads up! 🙂

  21. Elizabeth Phillis

    I dispise the phishing emails these people seem to get more determined by the day I recieve 2 or 3 every single day and report them to phishtrackers a web site I stumbled upon that lets you submit them anonymously.

  22. zathras

    Are you sure the Netbeans PHP installer asked for a JDK? I thought it just said “Java runtime”. There is no reason for you to install the whole NetBeans + JDK bundle (for *Java* developers), and then add the PHP plugin. At least not if all you work with is PHP.

    And the Sunburst theme seems to be working for everybody else, or anyway, nobody has complained in Zach’s blog since Netbeans 6.7, and it works for me now in 6.8 and 6.9…

  23. Martin

    I just installed NetBeans,CodeIgniter,WAMP etc. on a Vista machine and it worked out of the box no problems.

    The code completion/intellisense is awesome.

    I will also checkout phpdesigner though.

  24. Sean Ramesh

    Nice one!

  25. Allan

    Thanks man, this remap method save my life! 🙂
    really thanks!

  26. Michael Tracey

    Thanks, I was just looking for this. About to write it myself, and did one last google search, and boom.. you wrote it for me. Works like a champ.

    I will mention, in my case, I had to catch real 404’s in the function in the else statement and call show_404() if the input isn’t valid. (I’m using this to call a search if there’s no controller function for the exact URL).

    Appreciate it, keep up the good work.

  27. brian dichiara » Blog Archive » HTC Incredible Low Disk Space

    […] Now I’m starting to get mad. The article states that HTC told that user to perform a Hard Reset. I have already been told this once before by HTC over another issue that seems to have just “gone away”… (I can’t remember the exact error but it was something to the effect of “The process com.htc.bg has stopped unexpectedly.” and continuously kept popping up randomly and didn’t seem to affect any functionality whatsoever. I managed to dig up the ticket to HTC). […]

  28. AbdraktEntertainment

    I’ve had this same issue for about a week now. I signed out of facebook for HTC sence and the notification went away. Signed back in to facebook for htc and its back again. Keep in mind I use facebook for Android as my primary facebook app, I only use facebook for HTC to keep my contacts sync’d and updated. Trying to figure out a work around for this myself. Just thought someone should know.

  29. GuidoTKP

    This bug kills me. I’ve been looking for a fix for months. It’s very annoying.

  30. Jess

    Mine does the same and it’s driving me in insane. It closes everything down and I have to start again. Not only does it do that, occasionally it will decided to delete my entire Inbox, even my locked ones. The phone doesn’t tell me the memory is full but does it anyway. I’ve lost loads of ‘locked’ images due to this.

    I’m not inclined to completly re-set my phone


  31. Ibrahim Lawal

    This is superb! Thansk for sharing!!

  32. James Beswick

    Thanks for the post – this is one of the few times I’ve seen the issue discussed.

    Unfortunately, I tried the factory reset twice and still have the same error occurring. I haven’t found any other information on the Internet regarding this problem and will probably have to put up with it until upgrading the phone.

  33. Dave Conan

    thanks, never thought about it before, genius,

  34. Dave Conan

    it was long time ago since i left netbeans 🙂

  35. Beverly

    What’s funny about this is the fact that my Incredible had all of a sudden force close everything literally! Half of the time, I couldn’t answer a call or even make a call, due to everything force closing. I did a reset to the phone. I had did a backup so I would not lose my numbers. After the reset, I still get the error that you discuss. I never had that error until I did the reset. My apps and services that were loaded before the reset were all closing. I do seriously believe that I had to do the initial reset due to a virus. Of course, after the fact that I did reset the phone, my phone still has a trace on it. I did have Lookout Security on my phone and even though it scanned every time with no viruses, I still was attacked and couldn’t even begin to describe how…

  36. Donnie Lugnut

    There is now a hotfix available.

    Go to settings and select “Applications”
    In the “Unknown Sources” section, turn on the ability to “Allow installation of non-Market applications”
    Exit your settings and open the Internet browser.
    Enter “dl3.htc.com/misc/inc8049.apk”, this will download a hotfix.
    If it didn’t start the install automatically, go to your download folder and Open the file “inc8049”.
    Allow it to install.

    Problem Fixed.

  37. Donnie Lugnut

    I am runnig Android version 2.3.4.
    I found the fix on the HTC Forums. Somebody else actually talked to HTC support and posted what they were told. (“http://community.htc.com/na/htc-forums/android/f/91/t/8475.aspx?PageIndex=4” Read the post from “MitchyBoy.”) I was also getting frustrated. I was uninstalling more and more apps, constantly clearing my cached data, all that. Finally, I tried the hotfix. It really works. The fix was developed to correct the problem of people not receiving text messages. I am guessing the low memory error and the not receiving text messages are caused by the same problem. Since then, I’ve been reinstalling applications that I used before the memory problem. Apparently not everybody at HTC is even aware of the fix, so I am going to the various forums and posting the solution. I didn’t try this, but maybe if you call HTC and say your phone is no longer receiving text messages instead of the low memory message, they might direct you to the hotfix.

  38. David Terrance

    Ah ha!!! Tried everything mentioned in this post and many others and NOTHING! has worked, even the hotfix that sounded like the solution for many. However, after a night of trying almost everything I could think of I wound up discovering something that fixed it for me. I remembered that in the past, my phone has occasionally deleted all of my txt messages, without a prompt, even though my setting are set to “no limit” on txt messages. In the past this pissed me off, but now I may no why. My phone hadn’t done this in a while so I opened my txt inbox and realized I had many large conversations, one of which containing 450+ txts. I deleted the conversation, which took about 30 seconds, but the “low disk space” icon disappeared immediately. Perhaps this will work for others as solutions appear to differ from phone to phone…

  39. Robin

    I have had this error on and off the entire time I have had this phone. I get the “low disk space” error with over 500MB internal free, and it gets to the point where it refuses to even open a browser because it thinks it has no space. I’ve missed emails, texts, and calendar alerts because of this. This is the worst smartphone I have ever had. I hate it with the burning hatred of a thousand suns. I was so excited when I first got this phone, but it has been such a horrible experience (with no helpful information coming from the vendor) that I will never, ever buy another HTC product. No other phone has this issue, even the Incredible 2 one of my family member’s has doesn’t have this problem, so there is a fix for it out there, they just won’t (or can’t) give it to us.

    Never, ever, ever again will I buy another HTC product.

  40. sudowhuuuut

    Home Screen>Menu>Accounts&Sync> turn off any syncs you don’t want (ex: News).
    If you choose to retain News, then at least go into it and delete unwanted feeds.
    If Facebook is listed, go into it and delete preferences

    Take note of which item are now set to sync.
    Exit Accounts&Sync.

    Menu>Applications>ManageApplications>All> Find each application you are syncing and delete caches, and possibly “clear data”. You may have to re-enter accounts if you clear (Ex: mail/gmail)

    Good Luck.

  41. Sumon

    It’s working, Thanks

  42. fatma

    like that

  43. Daniel Murphy

    Great stuff here! I thought I post here just to say I like the Halloween hack you got going on with your site.

  44. Richard Paschal

    A person could detect the light and the heat of that light if they looked straight down the hilt and activated the lightsaber….which would end up through their eye. Lol. Pretty interesting stuff.

  45. Stas

    My favorite CodeIgniter IDE is Codelobster – http://www.codelobster.com/codeigniter.html

  46. jake

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